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As dusk falls over the city and Paris comes alive with the bustling magic of how the night will unfold, the woman is ready. Wearing a glamorous ball gown, she holds her breath once again mesmerised by the extraordinary view from her apartment. Paris is an enchanting scene all her own.

Un Dimanche Après-Midi Tranquille

A quiet afternoon is captured. The woman reclined comfortably and engrossed in a good book takes a moment to breath in the Parisian air. She is wearing a glamorous black ball gown simply because she can. Timeless style never escapes her.

La Splendeur Des Délices Sucrés

Walking down a quintessential Parisian street, the woman stops to take in the sweet intoxicating delights of a local patisserie. The aroma; the delectable pastries; and a whimsically romantic dress = an afternoon of inspiration and delight.

Paris Sous La Pluie

Under a bright yellow umbrella, the woman explores Paris at its most exquisite… in the rain. There is enchantment in the air as glistening rain drops give unmistakable sparkle to the City Of Light. Her heart skips a beat. A lifelong love affair has already begun.

La Magnifique Vue De Paris

Elegance and glamour never goes out of style. Neither does an extraordinary view.  Standing on her quaint balcony overlooking the picturesque French buildings and the grand Tower Eiffel, the woman poses in her chic black gown and sunglasses.