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crystal wall, the flames roaring storm swept across the temperature of terror better distance, that is, the front wall hidden among ancient grain insect bite burned and exhausted, but even so, those ancient remains as flying insect bite moth to flame general ‘coming in a steady stream,Tiffany Outlet Online, which secrete large amounts of energy,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, but also to Xiao Yan caused no small obstacle.
‘bang bang bang!’
in crystal wall into violence that constantly ringing sound, the speed Hsiao go far forward is to speed up a lot.
‘This consumption, too fear * ……’
stature rapidly between forward-swept,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Xiao Yan body that feel like a flood passage away vindictive eyes also become thickened a lot, palm grip, ‘one bag went out of their hands now, he did not take out, grabbed directly live, running exercises, rapid self-energy nuclear energy being absorbed,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, then the infusion was struggling to open up into the front wall of flames crystal body.
‘How far?’ devoured like to see in front of Xiao Yan absorb energy like nuclear, behind the ancient Qingyang, who also face some dignified,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, they understand where the crystal wall extremely hard, plus ancient insect bite stop, even Xiao Yan has a different fire, but still not the imagination is so easy.
‘there should be half an hour to be able to break through the curtain.’ That silver gown man thought for a moment, said. Gu Qingyang
nodded slightly, and now becomes only hope Xiao Yan Ping can adhere to the
fierce fried wanton way,Tiffany & Co Outlet, rumbling voice resounded endlessly, but among the crowd, the atmosphere is quite tense, ‘Every time they saw a bag of Xiao Yan bag also absorb energy nuclear ‘hearts will always could not resist the intense hop, this and other consumption ‘It was horrible,’
dragon roar, heavy impact in the intergranular walls, crystal fragments

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and the community in which Dan, finally met a humble awful big. ‘
this thing, for now Xiao-ting, is truly has a great effect, and with it, Xiao Yan able to break through to grasp the spiritual environment, the question will immediately rose to almost half!
fiery eyes continued for a while, just gradually fade, Xiao Yan knife to dig out of the use of fire pits jade piece carefully, and then make the best use of some geocentric jade mother directly create a Yuhe,Coach Outlet Store Online, which It was the center of the earth into which the soul marrow.
done, Xiao Yan had just relieved that this geocentric soul marrow and can not be directly taken,Coach Outlet, but need some other world Keebler reconcile, just be able to play to their maximum effectiveness,Fortunately, however, those other things that, although rare, but at least you can find hard to see the point, but this is simply a treasure Dan circles, maybe luck,Coach Outlet Store, Dan in this profession is able to reconcile the need to get their hands on medicine that time if the time is enough to say. ‘Maybe when he was again taken the red circles, is that it can truly reach eight items master state!
‘This line really is not true, that Dan sector is refining pharmacists paradise.’
patted sodium ring,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan also could not help but grin, his eyes looked left approximately half a foot in front of the center of the earth mother jade,Coach Outlet, hand a weed, is satisfied that the ring will be the revenue, although there the geocentric soul marrow bead front,Coach Outlet Store, but it is also a good thing geocentric jade mother, Xiao Yan is naturally not despise.
will close after the things that are good, Xiao Yan little toe Bottom stature is the storm swept out, then fell steadily hole edge, waved his hand, dirt is flying around the sky, and finally That deep potholes give all buried. Once this is

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the area is located east of Long Island’ in the forefront of the streamer, the demon of light overlooking a little rest in peace, immediately beside against migraine Xiao Yan Road.
‘ah, coupled with quick speed.’
Xiao Yan nodded,Coach Outlet, looked at the dark depths of the sleeve is slowly clenched fists up, Xiupao Qing Hui, rate soaring again, and seeing this,Coach Outlet Store Online, the demon quickly close the eyes,Coach Outlet, who can only keep up.
‘etc.’ There is a familiar atmosphere. ‘
flyby so again for a few minutes, Xiao Yan Meng stature meal, scowled look to the depths of nothingness of space left.
………………………………………………………………… ‘……
dark nothingness, suddenly heard the sound of violent explosions of energy, a figure vomiting soon retire, fall into the crowd, looking pale. Angry eyes looked around at the moment, in its surroundings, out of thin air suspension with ten figure, all powerful long breath, are clearly has a strong strength, especially that of the two leading man, the breath of seemingly ordinary but faint filled with terror, coercion, two reached shocking levels peak of the strong half saint!
‘Three Long Island, you are too timid, dare start for the Dragon King Majesty!’
in silhouette surrounded by a dozen, also has a seventy-eight figure, but most of them were seriously injured in the state,Coach Outlet, and in these people,Coach Outlet Store, actually also has two familiar faces, looked carefully, it impressively Xiao Yan is that once helped several black engine and who had had the side of the edge of the candle from the elders. 3zcn entertainment YY399446
In this group of people, and only his two looks relatively intact, but they face at the moment is unusual gloomy,Coach Outlet Store Online, they would have to go out on patrol, which patrol just think back, is that the three dragons

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in the hearts of repression down, flexor of a bomb, huge ‘beasts Ding’ is to emerge out of thin air. Soon heavy Zala Shimoji, brought up a muffled sound of the bell Yin. After
virtual squinting eye, Xiao Yan mind flashed flashed that ‘Dan were broken,’ the refining of the law and the need to pay attention to various place again for a long while,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly opened his eyes, dark Mouzhong, green flames rising into the sky.
subtle sound, the wisp of green flame sprang since between Xiao Yan, immediately fingertip of a bomb, fire
flame is turned into a streamer, lightning inroads among drug tripod.
flame just entered the drug-ting -, tiny body is suddenly swell,Coach Outlet Store, just a moment, a small flame is turned into a raging fire in the drug Ding crazy burning up, and with green flames rising, That red red ‘beasts Ding’ increasingly glare surface,Coach Outlet, looks like a mass of enchanting dance like fireworks.
‘This is medicine left by Han Feng Ding – it really is not an unusual thing, at different times of the fire burning under the’ actually can keep unharmed, and teacher quality are afraid that respect,Coach Outlet, ‘Dark’ win a fight . looked at the use of theEach and times, can still not the slightest surface cracks ‘beasts Ding’, Xiao Yan eyes satisfaction is passing touch of color, muttered. After the temperature to be too
drug tripod reaches a constant degree, Xiao Yan palm resort, exudes a little chill in the white Yuhe is sucked by his hands inside the Yu He’s quiet like lying strain ice-like dry twigs,Coach Outlet, but despite this the shape of things do not look good, but that exudes from the body out of the rich herbal, but it is so that people have to know that this is not what an unusual thing.
this thing called the ‘Walled marrow sticks,cheap coach bags,’ did a tree branch, but in arctic ground, polished by extremely

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seen for a long time to see that Cao Ying, a positive stand on the hills behind the slim, plump and full of the golden ratio Jiaoqu, so that was a lot of men are showing a hint of fiery eyes,Vamp enchanting elf force, it is amazing. ‘Hey, today looked good, Dan champion and offerings were Shura war days, which can really be regarded as the younger generation is extremely rare pinnacle fight, do not know who can win.’ ‘
‘I think probably some hanging Xiao Yan, although it is easy to just fight were the pinnacle of dust, but I heard rumors that several times, but this guy from some struggle to get out of respect for the strong hands of a smooth, if not really a skill point, I am afraid it is not possible thing. ” Yes ah, Xiao Yan is, after all,Coach Outlet Store, are good alchemy, this is not the grudge battle. ‘
‘whispering sound, I do not actually, Xiao Yan can be in the star field of the six months, the cards say he did?’
seen on the square which is also outstanding young man, the crowd suddenly erupted around whispering, apparently for this war, they are looking forward to appear.
around these sounds, it is easy to dust on the surface touch touches handsome face with a bit of awe-inspiring smile,Cheap Coach Purses, unusual bright red tongue gently licked his lips, looks like a wild beast about to eat,Coach Outlet, it is somewhat Tiao hair bone frightened. ‘Chen Bo, you shot me instead,Coach Outlet Store, it should be feasible?’ Easy dust tilted his head, looked at the south side of the e-day, laughing. ‘If you can kill this kid in the future when the sovereign election, Xuanming they were on your side.’ Chen hunting days of the South in the eyes of the passing touch of color, dark whispered.
Heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, easy to dust face JL smile thicker, light laugh: ‘As you wish,Coach Outlet Store, but also for the champion Dan flesh, I was somewhat interested.’ ‘voice

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be called outstanding.
What’s more, no one will forget the dust easily beat young enough to still have a first-hand many of the elders beyond Danta superb technique of mixing drugs.
grudge and mixing drugs in surgery, but get this and other impressive achievements, although not the only one who Xiao Yan, but in such age is reached this step, but it is rare like existence. This child can not stay,Coach Outlet Online, that it would certainly be the scourge. ‘ Chen Nan heart
day passing touch of awe-inspiring intention to kill, eyes turn and shoved foot out,Coach Outlet Online, under flash stature, he is now out in front of Xiao Yan Zhang Xu from a cold Sheng, is like thunder-like exploding in the square: ‘uneducated kid, among learn, actually robbing others things,Coach Handbags Outlet, do your teacher never taught you what is essential etiquette it?’
Sheng fall, e-day South hand is ripped directly void, facing Xiao Yan head fiercely arrested in the past, look at this look, if caught a strong, Xiao Yan have as head bang like watermelon burst open. ‘Chen days of the South!’
stone hills beyond that, at the moment his face is changed, and thundered.
for the hills thundered, Chen Nan is still days if not smell, the moment he intended to kill Xiao Yan, has soared to the top, if not today, then in person to kill, he would certainly have had a feeling the future sleepless nights. ‘Boy,Coach Outlet, go to my son for life!’ Chen
look grim days of the South,Coach Outlet Online, but in the palm of your hand when it is about to hit Xiao Yan, who is the face surfaced hint of sneer,Coach Outlet, flexor a bomb, a dark golden figure, is very unexpected in the guide – before. ‘Clang! Chen Nan palm
day, heavy beat on that road dark golden body, but merely with a crisp sound from the Gold and Iron, the force is so horrible, but it is not even the latter body, are never shake slightest.

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thunder down, numerous small Dianmang shadow thrown by foot shot out like a tiny silver snake-like dense, thrown over the entire stone.
‘crack fire!’
foot shadow layers, like the endless rolling like, give all took the silver mine, after a moment, a Di sounded, a few huge foot Mount, suddenly intersection, immediately Pushe, severely impact the silver mine above, the latter life and bi-lobed Western Cape.
a trick splitting mine anger,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan mouth also took a deep breath, shook hands numb, then we Cheng heavy! Foot inserted in the top of the stone, raised his head and shouted: ‘! Continue’
seems provocative because Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, a dense mass of clouds that turnTeng increasingly turbulent, after a moment, rip it sounds, once again resounded, a previously that it took strong silver Thunder doubled, and again since the dark among the spray out.
‘Ha ha!’
blazing eyes looked across the world silver Yun Yao Lei,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan is a laugh, his hands lightning mudra.
‘jungle print! give me a break!’
enormous energy handprints in front of Xiao Yan emerged out of a room immediately Hao, roared out, and finally in the eyes of numerous road shock below, unflinching thunder went up that road.
‘howl,Coach Factory Outlet!’
energy handprint and thunder crashing collided in the sky like a huge Yinmang explode like fireworks and open, the next moment,Coach Factory Outlet, the energy fingerprints quickly fades, and that is also a lot of light silver mine, is still very tenacious Hongxiang Xiao Yan.
‘is indeed the power of heaven and earth, but I’d like to see, you can anti times!’
actually looked at the mountains forcibly broken boom Indian silver mine, Xiao Yan also flashed a hint of surprise in the eyes, immediately Hey smile, move fingerprints knot again.
fingerprints between changes,Coach Outlet Online, but also a huge energy fingerprints emerge,

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with sensitive people sitting in them, a Unit of majestic momentum filled the inside, so that was guarding the entrance hall and some of those stricken by heart scared. ‘Cloud Presbyterian soul mine monument, has been broken …’
central hall, with a silver throne, looked pale Leiguang Shun the chairs spread on it, a figure dressed in robes of silver light against the back, one pair of silver Double Vision, slowly below sweep, faint voices echoed in the main hall. His voice is not how loud and clear, but it has a strong sense of oppression, so that people can not easily get ignored.
words fall below the hall, neither the same old clothes three grid, his face is changed, and the soul of mine monument,Coach Outlet, they know one another before, that which, with their hint of soul imprint of storage, if one day they Unfortunately fall, then this soul of mine monument, will also break away, so to say, then Shen Yun. ” There are people in the Central North region dared me who shot wide north wind and thunder? Is Wan jiange people? ‘Health prescribe a long silver eyebrows black man, sounds gloomy road.
‘temporarily do not know that the cloud is to accompany the elders that day Hung Chen to go north of the city, right? wind, thunder’ electric three elders, your body moving about it, check out what had actually happened,Coach Outlet Store, no matter who is the hands, even really jiange ten thousand people, Esen Qinzhu again, I thunder North Tower of people, not so casually can kill. ” on the throne, dressed in robes of silver shadows, slowly said. ‘Yes! ‘
three old man immediately got up, Gong Sheng replied,Coach Outlet Store Online, immediately physique of a move directly into glory Shanlue is out,Coach Outlet Online, quickly disappearedSee. With the disappearance of the three old
, hall once again become empty and quiet again,Coach Factory Outlet, after a long while,Coach Outlet Store Online, JL

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took a slightly damp air, Xiao Yan eyes shimmering, light soon narrowed, mind suddenly a move,Coach Outlet Store Online, majestic soul forceDegree swept out, but this time it is not spread out, but as a flood, fire straight road that ran into the forehead of India in!
soul force of just burst into Firebrand,Coach Outlet, a muffled muffled bang Xiao Yan is the brain explode, and soon their ‘eyes’ suddenly a black, immediately before there was a paved made by Mori white flame trail, and in the trail on both sides of the deep bottomless darkness.
flame trail at first glance, seems to be no end, but the soul of a move between Xiao Yan, without the slightest hesitation, that is directly in front of the flame trail storm washed away, in the previous soul force reaches a certain point, he applied for the soul force seems faint Ming Wu among many
trail indeed very long, but in the soul force that even faster than the speed of lightning, just as long as ten minutes time,Cheap Coach, the flame at the end of the trail, there is a flame that is empty, but the soul of Xiao Yan, a little meal,Coach Outlet Store Online, is fiercely rushed into.
soul burst into flames empty, dazzling white flame suddenly disappear Mori, instead, is an extremely oppressive dark, dark place this seems to be a very large hall, the hall was a bit frightening area wide enough to Baizhang foot sky huge stone pillars supporting the TV drama unusually large hall, and in the main hall, covered with countless wrapped in green light among the light group, Xiao Yan soul swept away, but it is horror found that those light groups, consternation,Coach Factory Outlet, that the soul of a real live body!
soul because this horrifying scene and severe rolling forward, Xiao Yan quickly sweep the soul,Coach Factory Outlet, after a moment, suddenly frozen in position at the center of the hall near a mass greater than the other groups in the area

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within sight of the two backs, Korean pool face is gradually imposing up,Coach Outlet Store, all eyes turned to dry, said: ‘? Mr. Zhu, just’
all dry Qingtu breath, attention turned to Han month, some cautious Road; ‘The Lord of Xiao Yan, should also be a refining pharmacist,Coach Bags Outlet, right?’
this, Han month also did not hide anything down, falling real estate broker in the forehead open 锊 ray silver-haired, light-Fu Road Yanzui workers ‘all old, when I had yet also including abdominal practice, Xiao Yan is capable of refining system out of five items immortality … ‘
words of a fall, the hall is full of suck air burst of sound, even all that long matriculation dry, stroking his beard palm also flick, pinch of beard pulled down.
‘It seems Cher is this really done a great ah,Coach Outlet, my Korean family invited a really big God back,’ ‘Han muttered loudly pool, immediately Chen Sheng said workers’ you heard of the Hsiao Yan received the highest standard of treatment, should not have the slightest neglect, any tribe, if dare collision, clan rules wait! ‘Hear that severely pool Sheng Han, a Korean family, all people, all is quickly Gong Sheng replied.
an imperial struggle other young bands, perhaps not enough to get Han so, however,Coach Outlet Store, if the top of this, plus a can transcend all dry refining pharmacists identity, then even the Han, is a must in every possible way with the turn Okay! Identity refining pharmacists, above Plains, than elsewhere,Coach Bags On Sale, more prominent! Because here’s the strong, more than elsewhere, but also than other places, more
(the first,Coach Outlet, and after a lapse of two months, fighting broke again boarded the failure had left the place, ‘sincere gratitude of everyone. What is not said, and today three-shift, with actions that potatoes sincerity and gratitude. In addition begged us monthly support again!